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Gravel Hauling Tender

Swan Valley West invites submissions for the 2024 gravel hauling needs of our municipality.

Tenders are due Feb 14 at 2PM with a public opening to follow at 3PM.

Additional tenders are planned in the coming days for Gravel Crushing as well as a request for quotes for building demolition.

Animal Control Enforcement Notice

Notice of Increased Enforcement Of the Swan Valley West Animal Control Bylaw

Swan Valley West has had an Animal Control Bylaw for some time.  However, it has not
always been strictly enforced.  Council therefore gives warning that increased enforcement of the existing Bylaw will occur.  Our preference is that animal owners comply with the existing rules so that no enforcement is required.

The first portion of increased enforcement will focus on Dogs in Urban Areas of the
municipality including Kenville, Durban, Benito and the Greater Swan River area.

If you own a dog please consider the requirements of being a responsible pet owner.

Basic Needs

Clean fresh drinking water, available and suitable food, clean containers for food and water, the opportunity for exercise that includes opportunities to be outside of a fixed area and
Veterinary Care should the animal exhibit signs of pain or illness.

Outdoor Dogs

If your dog is kept outside it must not leave your property except on a leash and under
supervision.  While not supervised and on a leash it must be kept in an enclosed area that meets these requirements:

· Total area is at least twice the length of the dog in all directions

· Contains a house or shelter that will provide protection from heat, cold and wet.

· The shelter must be big enough for the animal to turn around in freely

· Shade must be provided for the animal

Dogs MAY NOT be tied to a fixed object as a primary means of confinement. 

Dog waste must be removed from any public area your dog visits.  Dogs must not be allowed to bark or howl excessively or in a way that disturbs neighbors.  No more than three dogs may be kept without a kennel permit.

A copy of the full Animal Control Bylaw may be obtained from our office or website.

Fines & Enforcement

Should you break the rules imposed by the Animal Control Bylaw you should expect to
receive a fine as well as orders to remedy the issue.  These orders can involve seizure of your pets.

The minimum fine is $50 per day and fines can double and triple if you do not take steps to follow the bylaw.  Fine for some offences start at $500 per day and can range to $1500 per day.

Unpaid fines can and will be enforced through court action.  This action can add substantial additional costs on top of the fine amount.

Future Changes

The current Bylaw is not compliant with some of the newer provisions of Municipal
Legislation.  This does not stop enforcement of the Bylaw, it only limits how we are able to issue fines and collect fines. 

In a future version of the Bylaw we are likely to impose administrative monetary penalties instead of the older fine options.  These penalties provide a uniform way to appeal a decision of council and provide for lower cost enforcement of unpaid fines.

One of the most notable changes with the newer method of enforcement is that a problem pet owner could see a court order to garnish their bank account for penalties in less than sixty days without other residents being forced to pay large amounts of money to go to court to stop bad behavior.

The vast majority of residents already take great care of their pets.  Sadly we have received complaints about a few owners who do not.  We strongly encourage you to treat your pets well and as members of your family. 

If you need assistance to determine how to house your pet in an “appropriate way please contact our office at (204) 734-3344.   We will be glad to help.